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The Advancing Widows’ Assistance via Enterprise (AWAVE) Program was awarded to Relief International (RI) on September 10, 2013,  with a Goal to “Transform – through the establishment of social enterprises – how war widows access livelihoods and social assistance programming in order to further their economic, social and political

advancement”. AWAVE has 2 main objectives; Objective 1: Strengthen the capacity of LNGOs that provide social assistance and livelihoods programming to widows in order to increase service volume and/or improve service quality. And Objective 2: Foster innovation inside LNGOs by empowering idea-bearers to become change agents in transforming the LNGOs into social enterprises in order to increase scale and sustainability of service provision to widows.

AWAVE aims at creating sustainable local mechanism of promoting and supporting social entrepreneurship among local Iraqi NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. Since the concept of social entrepreneurship is rather new for Iraqi NGOs and individuals. 


RI designed inside AWAVE program creating a cadre of Iraqi young people who have some business background, to perform as coaches of social enterprises, both that would be established under local NGOs and independent social enterprises, in order to liaise between RI and local NGOs, provide advice and technical assistance in social entrepreneurship business development, business planning, launching and coaching of the newly established social enterprises, both the ones under local NGOs or independent ones.


Geographical scope:

AWAVE targets Baghdad, Basra, Missan, Najaf and Erbil governorates and would like to hire young women and young men from these governorates.

Purpose of this assignment:

The coach will support 1-2 local NGOs to identify their potential social enterprise that builds on their previous experience and current core business, business-planning, business-launching and business-coaching the newly developed social enterprise(s). 



This work assignment will include the following tasks:


1.Participate effectively in AWAVE coaches’ training on business planning, business launching, and business coaching. 

2.Facilitate capability assessment of local NGOs and social entrepreneurs to help AWAVE leadership team select the ones with high potential for capacity building and support.

3.Facilitate assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s) efforts to develop their capacity building plan based on the assessment

4.Conduct field visits to assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s) to follow up on the capacity building interventions and organizational reform decisions that LNGOs would have developed as part of their capacity development plan.

5.Report on the assessment and growth in the LNGO’s capacity to the LNGOs’ selection committee for sub-grants.

6.Coach the assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s) in selecting the idea of their social enterprise and developing their business plan.

7.Coach the assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s) in launching their social enterprise.

8.Coach the assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s) by providing regular visits to monitor the implementation of the business plan and providing advice for improvements as needed.

9.Provide some formal training to assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s) on relevant capacity building topics.

10.Report on a monthly basis on progress of the assigned LNGO(s)/social enterprise(s).

11.The coaches will engage the social entrepreneurs and the senior staff of the LNGOs to determine which additional capacity-building actions or activities are needed to be taken by the LNGO in order for the social entrepreneur’s idea to be implemented.

12.The coaches will work with LNGOs on designing and monitoring performance-based, technical assistance plans.

13.Monitoring by the coaches will take the form of monthly, on-site coaching sessions with the social entrepreneurs, at which coaches and LNGO staff will triage challenges and progress toward milestones; additional sessions may be conducted on Skype


Deliverables and success factors:

1.Individual action plan based on AWAVE Coaches’ training.

2.LNGO capability assessment report including justified filled LNGO assessment form. (Coaches will be trained on that)

3.LNGO business plan for their selected social enterprise. (Coaches will be trained on that)

4.LNGO progress reports on progress in the LNGO capacity development plan, progress in launching the social enterprise(s), and progress in the implementation of the business plan(s) that the LNGO(s) would have developed. (Coaches will be trained on that)

5.Working to help the participating LNGOs meet (75%) of key performance milestones.



A university degree with two years experience, or a combination of experiences that covers one or more of the following:

•Business background and/or business education

•Previous experience in business development, business planning and monitoring 

•Previous experience with local NGOs 

•Good training and report writing skills 

Work relations:

The Coach/mentor will work closely with the AWAVE Program team in Iraq; Program director, program coordinator, grants manager and M and E coordinator); this assignment will be under direct supervision of AWAVE Program director in Iraq


Time frame:

The Coaches’ training will take place within the framework of April-May 2014, while field assignment will be for one year from June 2014 till May 2015


Terms and conditions:

Relief International will provide training in Erbil that will be fully covered, plus monthly stipend. 

This is a part time not a full time job, for two days a week and interested job holders who can manage their time to attend training and deliver on this job are welcome to apply.

Relief International is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply.


How to apply

Interested candidates who have the qualifications and live in Erbil, please send your CV and a cover letter to the program email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and HR email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Saturday 31 May 2014. Please indicate: “AWAVE Business coach- Erbil” in the subject line of your application email.





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